Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Basic Blues: Five Indigo Vats, Five Different Ways!

Starts March 20th

Basic Blues: Five Indigo Vats, Five Different Ways is a comprehensive Five Week online course which is a one-stop resource for anyone wishing to learn the art of dyeing fabric, fibers, and yarn, with indigo.

During the Five Week course you develop a solid foundation to start, maintain, trouble shoot, and revive FIVE different types of Indigo vats.

I will teach you the skills necessary to use Indigo safely, and how to create different values of blue from palest blue to the deepest of blues. You will learn the secrets to creating beautiful blue fabrics, that are not only light fast, but the indigo won’t crock off of your fabric, fibers, and yarns.

During this Five Week course I will also teach you about the history of indigo, its origins as a dye, the different types of indigo plants, the chemistry behind the elusive dye, and its applications other than as a dye.

You will work with Rust and Tannin Patterning Techniques as a Final BONUS LESSON.

As part of my private Facebook community, you’ll discover a global community of students, and friends, to support and to inspire you.

My passion is for you to experience the joy of working with indigo, and to learn which type of indigo vat works best for you!

Downloadable videos, which means you will have lifetime access.
Downloadable handouts, so that you can print out the information to use in your studio.
Access to my Facebook Community.

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